Please find below a Step by Step process to clear cookies for different browsers:-

Internet Explorer

A)  Click on Tools. Select Internet Options. The temporary internet files should be on the first screen in the General area.

B)  Click on the button to Delete Temporary Internet Files (not the cookies). This will clear up files that may be clogging up your computer.

C)  Reset your computer to pull up the most recent version of webpages: while still in the Internet Options area, under Temporary Internet Files, click on Settings.

D)  Select the option to Check for Newer Versions of the Page and set it to Every Visit to Page. Then click OK. Close and reopen the browser for the changes to be reflected

Google Chrome

A)  Click on the 3 vertical dots available on top right corner of the browser toolbar.

B)  Select More Tools. Select Clear browsing data. In the dialog that appears, select the Clear browsing history checkbox.

C)  Select Everything to clear your entire browsing history. Click Clear browsing data.